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Eyelash & Eyebrow Tints

If you are tiresome of applying mascara each and everyday, you may want to enjoy a semi permanent colour to your eyelashes and/or eyebrows. We have the perfect solution for safe and great looking eyelash tinting and brow tinting in Mt Maunganui.

Who is Most Suitable For Eyelash Tinting?

If you have light coloured or blonde coloured eyelashes then eyelash tinting will be most suitable for you. Eyelash tinting will make your eyelashes look more defined and prominent. A semi permanent dye is applied carefully to the lashes and it can last up to 6 weeks. The results are a more natural beauty, without the enhancements of longer lash mascara.

Who is Most suited for Brow Tinting?

Brow tinting is a colouration of the eyebrows hairs, this process will enhance your actual eye brows and brow lines. It is important to note that eyebrow tinting is now a brow tattoo. The results are a more natural look enhancing your overall appearance 24/7.

How Long will an Eyebrow Tint or Lash Tint Service Take?

The process itself does not take long, approximately 15 minutes and it should last for up to 6 weeks. This can save money on makeup and time. You no longer need to apply make up to these areas each day, or multiple times per day. Actually you can even be sure your eyes are looking good whilst sleeping and first thing in the morning.

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